boat rockerz 450 (value for money headphone for you)

If you have a question, why do I buy a boAt rockerz 450 wireless on-ear headphones? This article gives you all the information on boat rockerz 450 including price, specification, pros, cons, build quality, output audio quality, and many more.

You can put this headphone in the category of best Bluetooth headphone with mic. This is an on-ear or over-ear headphone, which is a pair of small driver loudspeakers that the user can wear around or on their ears.


On-ear headphones are the most comfortable options for most people. A corresponding sound is converted from an electrical signal through Bluetooth headphones because they are known as electroacoustic transducers.

Except for in-ear headphones, boAt launched so many on-ear headphones in the past with multi-function and low budget. boAt rockerz 450 is one of the Bluetooth wireless headphone options.

You can get these Bluetooth wireless headphones for 1299 rupees from Amazon but their actual price is around 4000 rupees.

boat rockerz 450 specifications


  • Model Name - boat rockerz 450
  • Brand - boAt
  • Release date - March 15th, 2019
  • Type - headphone
  • Type of headphone - over-ear/on-ear
  • Colors available - Luscious Black, Hazel Beige, Aqua Blue
  • Connectivity type - wireless
  • Inline remote - no
  • Indian market price - 1299 rupees

Product details

  • Foldable - yes
  • Microphone - yes
  • Waterproof - no
  • Water-resistant - yes
  • Size of driver - 40 mm
  • Weight of the item - 168 grams
  • Type of charging port - Micro USB
  • Type of control buttons- physical buttons
  • Dimension of the product - 17.6 cm *8 cm * 18.2 cm
  • Warranty period - 1 year
  • Type of warranty - warranty on manufacture defect, no warranty on liquid or physical damage

Sound features

  • Bluetooth - yes
  • The version of Bluetooth - 4.2
  • Range of Bluetooth - 10 meters
  • Noise cancellation feature - no
  • Deep bass - yes
  • Frequency range - 20Hz - 20kHz

Battery features

  • The capacity of the battery - 300mAh
  • Battery life - 8 hours
  • Charging time - 3 hours
  • Playback time - 15 hours

The box has

  • boAt Rockerz 450
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Design and durability

To fulfill the music lovers’ needs, the boAt Rockerz 450 wireless headset is made with an ergonomic design. For providing an ultimate listening time with a comfortable fit, this Bluetooth wireless headphone comes with comfortable and adjustable earcups with an on-ear style design.

The design of this headphone is based on a smooth, secure fit and it is coated with a matte finish that is very sleek which provides it a sharp look.

Through the integrated control system, the user can control this headset easily and can command the reject calls, attend calls, and music playback. By using the easy control access, you can communicate seamlessly and there is an in-built mic is provided with this boAt Rockerz 450.

By just pressing one single button, the user can activate the default voice assistant which is a great feature in it.

The foldable and adaptive feature of this Bluetooth headphone makes it more durable and portable. Through this feature, you can enjoy seamless usages and a recommendable experience.

Build quality

This headphone comes with the decent build quality and a detachable cable. You can use alternative cables instead of the cable given by the brand. If you accidentally pull the cable, it will pop out without breaking because of the detachable feature.

boAt Rockerz 450 takes a small storage place and you can carry it anywhere with you because of its foldability feature. To provide a comfortable fit for long-time use and the best user experience, the brand provides a pair of padded cushions which is propagated by a plush foam on the earcups.

It comes with a micro USB cable for charging. There is a passive noise cancellation feature in it which helps to avoid surrounding noises and provides the user a clear vocal experience.

boAt rokerz 450 Bluetooth connectivity

You can go wireless through this headset. The users can enjoy the dual connectivity feature through this headset. This Bluetooth wireless headphone has v4.2 Bluetooth connectivity which provides instant optimum connectivity. You can connect it with both Android phones and IOS devices.

You can also use the AUX wire which is provided by the brand. This Bluetooth connectivity provides 10 meters of remote range.

Speaker and sound quality

To provide users an immersive musical experience and good quality of sound, boAt rokerz 450 comes with a 40mm dynamic premium driver. With a wild streak of user’s rhythm, this headset promises to provide a crystallized vision of music with slip into comfort and sound.

This Bluetooth headphone culminates with a noise-canceling system and slick sound which provides a luxurious and crystal clear and HD sound in this price range. These Bluetooth headphones with a mic help to improve your music listening quality and adust and utilize the requirements.

The headset supports both Siri and Google voice assistants. You can get a steady sound. These headphones can cancel almost 60% of surrounding noise. If you set your volume at 50 to 60 percent, then you can enjoy a decent vocal but in high volume, you may not like it because boAt rokerz 450 is mainly focused on bass.

Latency of  boAt rockerz 450

A little latency occurs in these headphones which you can ignore because, in this price range, you can’t expect so much from this. The point of interaction of the buttons of boAt rockerz 450, some latency of 2 to 3 seconds has happened.

You can test it by pressing the pause button and the song will stop after 2-3 seconds. Every time the lag occurs.

But while playing games, there is no lagging or latency occurs which is a good thing for game lovers.

Battery performance of boAt rockerz 450 

boat rockerz 450 battery comes with a 300mAh lithium battery which is rechargeable. It provides 15 hours of non-stop music and 300 to 400 hours of standby time. For a long time, you can enjoy your music without any disturbance and with a good bass through boAt rockerz 450.

You have to put it on charge mode for at least 3 hours to make it fully charged. You can charge it with the help of a small micro USB charging cable which is provided with it in the box while buying. 


For providing a superior playback time, it comes with a massive battery backup. It provides around 15 hours of playback. To pump out its immersive HD audio, a 40 mm dynamic driver is set in it. Its ergonomic structure and design make it more appealable. The padded ear cushions and their light weight make it more useful and give comfort and a secure fit.

Without any hiccups, you can control and easily access the music, through its buttons. Using its in-built mic, you can seamlessly communicate. It has 2 modes AUX as well as Bluetooth.

Features overview 

  • Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity
  • 1-year warranty on manufacture defect from the date of purchase
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 15 hours of playback time
  • HD sound quality with 40mm dynamic driver
  • Premium matte finish
  • Integrated control system
  • Adjustable ear cups
  • Single touch voice assistant


  • Lightweight
  • Padded ear cushions
  • Long battery life
  • Dual-mode
  • Quick pairing
  • Available in 3 eye-catching colors
  • Deep bass
  • In-built mic


  • No active noise cancellation
  • Old Bluetooth version

boAt rockerz 450 review

boAt rockerz 450 is a good buy if you are a game lover or bass lover. It provides good bass and clear vocals. The battery quality is awesome according to its cost. This Bluetooth headphone with a mic has an ergonomic design with the superb build quality.

The multi-functional button and dual connection mode make life so easy. Every electronic device has some merits and some demerits. It has also a few negative points which we discussed above. But as compared to its price, the brand can’t provide all the facilities.

But you can manage the demerits, those are not that big issues. If you are searching for a budget-friendly Bluetooth wireless headphone with several functions, then definitely go for it.

All the positives and negatives of boAt rockerz 450 are discussed in the above article. You can get all the important information from this and set your mind to buy it or not to buy.

Rating summary


The design and build quality of these headphones are decent. The audio output is crisp and clear. It is durable because of its ergonomic design, foldable feature, and detachable cable facility. Bass is a little irritating on high volume. There should be less latency at this price range and the brand should keep attention to fixing its latency while playing/pausing the audio track. It has very decent battery life.


1. Does the boAt rockerz 450 has a microphone?

Ans: Yes, it has a dedicated in-built mic for recordings and calls that performs its job well.

2. How can you charge these Bluetooth headphones?

Ans: It comes with a small micro USB charging cable, through which you can charge its battery or you can use a mobile charger also.

3. Can I use boAt rockerz 450 in day-to-day life?

Ans: It provides crystal clear vocals and good audio quality. It has a comfortable and secure fit also. So you can use these headphones in the office, home, gym, and day-to-day life.

4. Does this wireless Bluetooth headphone worth the money?

Ans: At the price of under 1500 rupees, this headphone comes with a built-in mic, single press multi-function button, dual connector (AUX and Bluetooth), 300mAh lithium battery, ergonomic design, and immersive music experience with boAt brand tag. What else does someone want at this price? So definitely worth the money.

5. In what color options, does the boAt rockerz 450 is available in the Indian market?

Ans: In the Indian market, boAt rokerz 450 is available in 3 different eye-catching colors. Those are-  Luscious Black, Hazel Beige, Aqua Blue.

6. boat rockerz 450 which color is best?

Ans: All the three colors of boAt rokerz 450 are so attractive but are the most demanding color by most of the customers.

7. What is the battery life of boAt rokerz 450?

Ans: It comes with a 300mAh battery. It provides 15 hours of playback and above 300 hours o standby time on a single charge. It takes 3 hours for full charging.

8. Is this headphone waterproof?

Ans: No, it has no waterproof or sweatproof feature in it.

9. What is the driver size of rokerz 450?

Ans: boAt rokerz 450 comes with a 40mm dynamic driver. This driver provides an immersive audio output that can immerse the user’s senses. 

10. What is the design of the earcups of this headset?

Ans: The earcups of rokerz 450 are covered with soft foam and these are foldable and adaptive. By keeping in mind, the user’s great experience, comfort, and headphone’s portability, the brand designed this headset.

11. Does this Bluetooth headphone is lightweight?

Ans: The approximate weight of these headphones is 168 grams which are so lightweight.

12. What is the function of the integrated control system of boAt rockerz 450?

Ans: The integrated system of this headset is easy to control. The user can easily control the commands like attend or reject calls, control the audio track with ease courtesy.

13. What is the function of dual connectivity of boAt rokerz 450 wireless Bluetooth headphones?

Ans: boAt rokerz 450 has a dual-mode feature. With this feature, you can connect these headphones with other devices through both Bluetooth and AUX.

14. Which voice assistants are supported by rockerz 450?

Ans: Both Siri and Google assistants are supported by these headphones.

15. Does these headphones support noise-cancellation?

Ans: No, there is no active noise-cancellation feature in it. But it comes with passive noise-cancellation.

16. What is the bass quality of these headphones?

Ans: It comes with deep bass and provides a great music experience. It is dedicated to bass lovers by the brand.

17.  What is the warranty period of boAt rokerz 450?

Ans: The brand provides a warranty of 1 year on manufacture defect. But there is no warranty for liquid or physical damage.

18. What is the price of boAt rockerz 450 in the Indian market?

Ans: The actual price of these headphones is 3990 rupees. But you can buy this headset at the price range of 1299 rupees from Amazon. On sale days, you can grab it even at a low cost than 1300 rupees.

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