Realme Buds Wireless Pro (A quality neckband under 5000 INR)


Wireless earphones make life so easy in today’s busy day-to-day schedule. Because they have no long wires, very easy to use. Nowadays anybody can buy one of them because reputable brands also provide on a low budget. But you have a good budget and are ready for spending a heavy amount of money, then you have to research the market first and list more than one option, then select the best one.

If you are in confusion by seeing so many options and have a thought in your mind, which are the best wireless earphones in the market under 5000 rupees? You can buy realme buds wireless Pro Neckband Bluetooth earphones. In the below article, you can get every bit of detail about realme Buds Wireless Pro. we are going to discuss the pros, cons, realme buds wireless pro specifications, features, durability, design, and many more.

Realme launched realme Buds Wireless Pro Earphones with Mic and Magnetic Instant Connector, active noise canceling feature, and many other features within the budget of 5000 rupees. It comes with a price tag of 5999 rupees, you should buy from Amazon, you can get this product at 3999 rupees.

realme buds wireless pro specifications


  • Model Name - realme buds wireless pro earbuds
  • Brand - realme
  • Release date - 15th October 2020
  • Type - earphone
  • Type of headphone - in-ear
  • Colors available - yellow & black
  • Connectivity type - wireless
  • Inline remote - yes
  • Inline remote - yes

Product details

  • Microphone - yes
  • Deep bass - yes
  • Waterproof - no
  • Water-resistant - IPX4
  • Water-resistant - yes
  • Size of driver - 13.6 mm
  • Number of drivers - one
  • Weight of the item - 33 grams
  • Type of charging port - Type- C USB
  • Type of control buttons- physical buttons
  • Dimension of the product - 35.5*11*0.5 cm
  • Warranty period - 1 year
  • Type of warranty - warranty on manufacture defect, no warranty on liquid or physical damage

Sound features

  • Bluetooth - yes
  • The version of Bluetooth - v5.0
  • Bluetooth codec support - AAC, SBC, and LDAC
  • Range of Bluetooth - 10 meters
  • Noise cancellation feature - yes, active noise cancellation
  • Deep bass - yes

Battery features

  • The capacity of the battery - 16omAh
  • Battery life - 22 hours
  • Charging time - about 1.5 hours
  • Playback time - ANC off - 17 hours, ANC on - 13 hours

The box has

  • realme buds wireless pro earbuds 
  • Ear tips
  • Type - C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Design and durability

realme buds wireless pro Bluetooth earphones come in two different color options, one of those is a black and yellow combination and another one is in green color. This earphone is pretty similar to the realme buds wireless with few changes. realme Buds Wireless Pro has a rubber neckband that is so flexible with plastic and metal modules at the end, the rubber cables are connected to the earbuds. The earbuds are also made up of plastic material and they have a dual texture of matte and glossy. On the rear housing of the buds, there is a  CD-like pattern.

Because this headset comes with an IPX4 splash-resistant feature, you can use this while workout. No need to worry about water damage with this product. This feature makes this earphone durable and long-lasting. Its design, build quality are so sturdy. 

Build quality

The physical weight of realme Buds Wireless Pro is around 33 grams. This earphone comes with a streamlined design and an appealing look. It is smooth to use or feel the neckband. All the physical control buttons like the multi-function button, noise cancellation button, and volume control button are housed on the right side of the headset. The physical buttons work so impressively and their responsiveness is so good.

The USB Type - C charging port is covered with a plastic flap and it is situated on the same right module of realme Buds Wireless Pro. The earbuds are equipped with 2 magnets. You can connect them while they are not in use. They also work as the on/off switch for the headset.

realme Buds Wireless Pro Earphones with Mic and Magnetic Instant Connector has an anesthetic and pleasing design with a robust build. Although it is made up of plastic material, it looks so premium and attractive.

Comfort and fit

If you are a heavy user of neckbands, then relax, realme Buds Wireless Pro provides you a comfortable fitting even if you use this for over an extended period. Because of its lightweight and smooth texture, it doesn’t irritate your back and the rubber material provides you comfort. The specialty of realme earphones is their silicone wings, but in the case of realme buds wireless pro Bluetooth earphones the brand doesn’t provide wings. But it doesn’t give you any discomfort and does not fall because it has a tilted design.

Because there is no ear support, it has a less secure fit. The passive noise-cancellation affects slightly because the earbuds don’t enter the ears deeply. If you are sitting or doing fewer activities, the earbuds stay at their place. If you do an intense activity, then there is a chance of falling after some time. You have to re-adjust them from time to time. But realme Buds Wireless Pro comes with two more pairs of ear tips which you can try for a better fit. This model claims that it is a sports-friendly product, but because of its earbuds fitting, it doesn’t justify the claim.

Sound quality

realme Buds Wireless Pro comes with a 13.6 mm bass boost driver with SBC, LDAC, and AAC codec support. When you turn on the ANC mode, it degrades the sound quality of the headset. But you can get a brighter sound while turning on the mode, but you may face a distortion especially in the low frequency and bass section. You can listen to music on streaming apps and high-res kinds of music at ANC turn-off mode to get a better sound experience.

realme Buds Wireless Pro provides a commendable quality of audion with ANC turn-off mode with a calm, compose, and warm profile. It is quite punchy but provides controlled bass, good lows, detailed and clear mids, and decent quality of highs. It provides captivating vocals and also captures the details of instruments in vocal-centric tracks. In higher-frequency vocals, the details are missing sometimes but not every time and it is not unpleasant to listen.

Overall, realme Buds Wireless Pro provides a tasteful sound without ANC. the instrumental sound is pretty much accurate and there is a wide soundstage. If you want to get a better mid, you can on the LDAC mode. As compared to ANC, the AAC and SBC modes work pretty well.

Quality of microphone

According to the review of those people who are using realme Buds Wireless Pro for a long time, the performance of the microphone of this headset is decent and there are mixed reviews about the quality. According to the survey, some people told that the sound was muffled and thin but some people said that, they find the sound quality so clear. The environmental noise cancellation technology works pretty well but in case of some high disturbance or heavy noise is not filtered.

Battery performance

A 160mAh battery is housed with realme Buds Wireless Pro. it provides 22 hours of playback while the ANC is turned off and provides 16 to 17 hours of playback with ANC on. This earphone supports fast charging technology. It provides 100 minutes of playback time with 5 minutes of charge. You can charge realme Buds Wireless Pro fully within 1.5 hours.

In our opinion, the battery life of this wireless earphone is impressive and commendable. We turned on the ANC mode and keep the volume 50 to 60 percent and it provides approximately 18 hours of playback which is pretty good according to the claim of the brand and its price range.


This may be a good product for those people who love high-end earphones and it comes with nifty features. One of the best features is Active noise cancellation.

Noise cancellation feature

realme Buds Wireless Pro is powered by the customized noise-cancellation chip S1 of the realme brand. It provides up to 35dB of noise reduction. To provide a good amount of noise-cancellation, realme Buds Wireless Pro integrated with one feed-forward and one fee-back microphone. During calls, to avoid unwanted noise, realme Buds Wireless Pro B comes with an ENC feature.

Low latency mode

This earphone comes with a low latency mode feature. A 119ms low latency gaming mode is incorporated with this product which helps to minimize the latency while playing games, using Netflix and YouTube videos. The dialogues and video is perfectly synchronized with the help of this feature. When you watch a high-quality LDCA coded, this feature sometimes doesn’t work perfectly.

Transparency mode

realme buds wireless pro Bluetooth earphones come with a transparency mode which enhanced the background sounds to a decent degree. This feature aware you of the surroundings and helps you to hear the important sonics such as vehicle horns, announcements at the train station, etc.

ANC mode

This mode is a crowning feature of realme Buds Wireless Pro. in lower frequencies, it provides good noise cancellation with constant audio. This feature works decently but in higher frequencies is can’t suppress the distraction perfectly and the sound becomes harsh and brighter. But the realme link app and volume enhancer feature manage the distortion problem. If you want to listen to music at highs, then turn off the ANC mode and listen at normal or transparency mode. But at this high price range, this is a little disappointing for the users.

Realme link app

To provide customers with a fair amount of customization options, the realme link comes with a customizable control. The noise cancellation and multifunction buttons can be tweaked by this app but the volume button doesn’t change. Through the different amount of taps and hold, users can set desired actions by these buttons. This app helps in toggle between transparency mode, noise cancellation mode, and normal mode. Through this app, you can control the game mode, bass boost, and volume enhance features. You can check the battery percentage of the earphone.

Features overview 

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Transparency mode
  • Sony LDAC Hi-res audio
  • 13.6mm bass boost driver
  • 22 hours of battery life
  • 119ms super-low latency
  • Magnetic instant connector
  • Realme link app supports Google assistant
  • Integrated with realme S1 chip
  • The flexible neckband of 33gram
  • IPX4 water-resistant


  • Supports fast charging
  • Long battery life
  • Attractive and sporty look
  • Supports LDCA codec
  • Controls are customizable
  • Buttons are tactile


  • ANC feature is poor
  • In-app EQ is not available

realme buds wireless Pro earphone review

The design of realme Buds Wireless Pro is very impressive. Its transparency mode, fast charging feature, and ENC technology work so well. As compared to its price of 3999 rupees, these earbuds provide a lot of features including customizable controls, game mode, solid battery life, LDCA codec support, and a super-lightweight design. realme buds wireless pro warranty period is 1-year. The only demerit is its ANC feature doesn’t work well. If you are ready to invest a heavy amount in a wireless earphone, then you are surely expecting the best product and a well-functioning product.

We definitely recommend realme Buds Wireless Pro. we discussed all the positives and negatives of this earpiece. This is a decent purchase definitely.

Rating summary


realme Buds Wireless Pro has an amazing build quality. The material used to make this product is so premium and it this headset looks classy. This product excels is in its specifications and features. The water-resistant feature and its build quality make it sturdy and durable. Its low-latency mode, LDCA codec support, SBC, and AAC codec make this set unique and reasonable. If the ANC feature works wee and there is a silicone ear-support present on the earbuds, then this product could be the best performer.


1. Does realme Buds wireless Pro has an indicator light?

Ans: Yes, it comes with an indicator light. When it has a low battery, it indicates a red light, and blue light blinks when it charges fully.

2. How is the battery performance of this earphone?

Ans: This product takes 1.5 hours for a complete charge. When it is fully charged, it provides 22 hours of playback. It provides 16 hours of battery life with ANC-ON. it supports fast charging. It provides 100 minutes of playback with a charging period of 5 minutes.

3. What is the Bluetooth version of realme Buds Wireless Pro?

Ans: It is integrated with the v5.0 Bluetooth version. And its range is 10 meters.

4. Does realme Buds Wireless Pro worth the money?

Ans: It is a very lightweight earphone with a premium build quality and a lot of useful functions like transparency mode, long battery life, magnetic instant connector, IPX4 water-resistant, one-button remote with calls, mic, and music control. This headset provides super low latency, active noise cancellation, sony LDAC Hi-res audio, and quickly switching between devices. This headset provides an amazing audio output. You can get so many functions for under 5000 rupees. So it is definitely worth the money.

5. What is the driver size of this earpiece?

Ans: realme Buds Wireless Pro comes with a 13.6 mm bass boost driver. It provides deep bass.

6. Does realme Buds Wireless Pro has a water-proof feature?

Ans: No, it is not waterproof but it has an IPX4 water-resistant feature. You can do heavy works and gyming by wearing this. Sweat or a little amount of water splash can’t damage it.

7. Does realme Buds Wireless Pro has a noise cancellation feature?

Ans: Yes, it is integrated with an active noise cancellation feature. It cancels environmental noise up to 35dB.

8. What is the cost of realme Buds Wireless Pro?

Ans: It comes with a price tag of 5999 rupees but you can purchase this earpiece for 3999 rupees from Amazon.

9. Does this headset has a mic?

Ans: Yes, it comes with an in-built mic.

10. How to turn ON and OFF the realme Buds Wireless Pro?

Ans: There is no power ON or OFF button on the realme Buds Wireless Pro neckband. The earbuds are magnetic and if you separate them, the headset will be ON, and to turn off the earphone, you have to join them back.

11. What is the weight of realme Buds wireless Pro?

Ans: This is a very lightweight neckband that you can use for a long period. Its approximate weight is 33 grams.

12. Is there any demerits in realme Buds wireless Pro?

Ans: Yes, there are a few negatives present in this headset. Its ANC feature is not that great. Sometimes at highs, the ANC negatively affects the quality of sound. There are no ear supports on the earbuds so the fit is not that secure and during heavy work, there is a chance of falling from the ear. At this price range, there should be an In-app EQ.

13. What is the frequency response of realme Buds wireless Pro?

Ans: The minimum frequency response is 20 Hz and the maximum is 20KHz.

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